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dan mereferensikan khasiat assalam kepada tetangga kerabat dan rekan By
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RNW was the first media outlet with whom Al-Nuwaisery shared her story. According to the lawyer, Libyan media had been reluctant to approach her for fear of reprisals. Once published on RNW’s Arabic website, the story was republished by Libya Al Actually, he hasn’t. According to SOHR data cited by Micah Zenko and Amelia M. Wolf of the Council on Foreign Relations, “most of the reported deaths in Syria have not been committed by forces under Bashar al-Assad’s command.” While noting “the Now that we are passed that date, many farm operators with unplanted corn acres, who had a significant crop insurance guarantee, have opted to collect the prevented planting crop insurance payment, rather than planting a corn crop in 2013. The prevented .

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